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Large Soft Toy- Walter Walrus
Large Soft Toy- Walter Walrus
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Large Soft Toy- Walter Walrus

Handmade crochet large soft toy - Walter Walrus.

Ahh, donuts! Walter has an unrelenting sweet tooth and a weakness for home cooking, and although Walter Walrus may seem comfortable with his roly-poly physique one shouldn't overdo the teasing. Underneath his thick skin is a surprisingly sensitive spirit. But still, it's difficult to embarrass Walter Walrus.

When Walter is around nothing in life is taken so seriously that it cannot be laughed at. His infectious love for life contaminates everyone who has encounters with this hearty beast making him the perfect companion for your little one . 



Handmade - a gift of that is unique and full of personality. There will be slight variances from softie to softie. Large Softie outer is constructed from the finest 100% cotton yarn.

Height. approx 27cm


Cold Gentle Hand Wash

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